A Thorough Guide to FAB Bank Balance Enquiry

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By AlSheikh

Are you a dedicated patron of FAB Bank? Are you eager to effortlessly ascertain your FAB Bank Balance online? Worry not; I’ve got you covered.

Welcome to my all-encompassing manual on the art of FAB ATM balance enquiry in the vibrant city of Dubai. As a seasoned traveller within Dubai’s bounds and a devoted FAB Bank enthusiast, I fully comprehend the significance of streamlined financial management.

Within the confines of this composition, we shall delve into the intricate process of scrutinising the balance of your FAB Bank salary account. Prepare yourself for a meticulous journey through step-by-step directives and alternative approaches.

FAB Bank Balance Enquiry Online Via Web Portal

To embark on your quest for FAB Bank Balance enlightenment or to inspect the wealth accumulated in your FAB Salary account, you have two online avenues at your disposal, namely the Official Website and the Mobile App. The FAB website offers a swift and facile pathway to assess your bank account’s fiscal health. Follow these instructions meticulously:

  • Initiate the process by visiting FAB Bank’s official website, accessible through the button below.
  • Upon reaching the portal, navigate to the PrePaid Card enquiry section.
  • Subsequently, input the last two digits of your card number.
  • Then, enter the unique FAB card ID, discreetly inscribed in the lowermost corner of your card.
  • Carefully double-check the card number and ID for accuracy, and upon satisfaction, proceed by clicking the ‘GO’ button.
  • Behold, your account balance shall be unveiled instantly!

Furthermore, should you opt for the avenue of FAB bank balance enquiry online via a mobile application, heed these directives:

FAB Bank Balance Enquiry via the Mobile App

The FAB mobile app extends another convenient avenue for the scrutiny of your FAB salary, accessible at your fingertips via your smartphone. This app is available for download on both Android and IOS devices. Once you’ve successfully acquired the app, initiate the process by following these steps:

  • Launch the FAB Bank app and commence your journey by selecting the “Already a Customer” option.
  • Subsequently, input either your Credit Card Number or Customer ID.
  • Peruse the Terms and Conditions judiciously, then press on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Once logged in, proceed by inputting the final two digits of your card number.
  • Enter the FAB card ID, discreetly nestled in the lowermost corner of your card.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the card number and ID, and upon verification, click the ‘GO’ button.
  • Witness as your account balance or salary is unveiled before your eyes.

Unveiling the FAB Bank

FAB Bank stands tall as the preeminent and most extensive financial institution in the United Arab Emirates, extending an extensive array of banking products and services. These encompass prepaid and credit cards, payroll accounts, current accounts, and savings accounts. Their unwavering commitment to convenience and accessibility renders them the quintessential choice for your financial stewardship in the bustling metropolis of Dubai.

The Elegance of FAB PrePaid Card and its Advantages

  • Obligatory bank accounts become superfluous.
  • Funds are directly funneled to the cardholder’s disposal.
  • Access to the full loaded amount for seamless expenditure.
  • Avert the peril of excessive spending by establishing limitations and designated amounts.
  • Availability of both local and international options.
  • Streamlined payments for domestic workers.
  • Expedited salary disbursements to employees.
  • Effortless purchases and ATM withdrawals.
  • The card is reloadable at your convenience.
  • Relinquish the need to carry excessive cash.
  • Automated payroll administration for employers.
  • WPS safety measures.
  • Timely SMS alerts.
  • FAB Cashback enticements for enhanced savings.

FAB Cashback for UAE Citizens

Residing in the UAE entitles Emirati citizens to indulge in cashback rewards. As an Emirati, you can relish cashback gains of up to AED 5000, contingent on your income. You have the liberty to withdraw these cashback sums, make utility payments, or partake in a shopping spree. To partake in this lucrative offer, you must ensure the seamless transfer of your monthly salary to your FAB account.

Monthly Salary (AED) Cashback Minimum – Maximum (AED)

  • 5,000 to 25,000 3% 150 – 750
  • 25,000 to 50,000 4% 1000 – 2000
  • Above 50,000 10% 5000 – 5000

FAB Cashbacks for Expats

FAB extends a generous cashback of AED 2500 to expatriates laboring in the UAE. As an expat, your eligibility for this cashback hinges on your income.

Monthly Salary Cashback Minimum – Maximum (AED)

  • 5,000 to 25,000 2.5% 125 – 625
  • 25,000 to 50,000 3% 750 – 1500
  • Above 50,000 5% 2500 – 2500

Embracing the FAB Skywards Miles Offer

FAB Bank offers a myriad of travel cards, bestowing upon cardholders the privilege of accruing Skywards miles. These cards further proffer exclusive perks such as lounge access, priority boarding, and bespoke privileges for hotels and car rentals. The conversion rate for FAB Rewards to Skywards miles is as follows:

  • 16 FAB Rewards equate to 1 Skywards Mile
  • 2.5 Fab Miles are equivalent to 1 Skywards Mile

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I ascertain the balance of my FAB bank’s prepaid card online? 

You can readily inspect your PrePaid card balance via the official website or the FAB Bank app.

  • What exactly is a FAB salary card? 

You can efficiently gauge your PrePaid card balance via the official website or the FAB Bank app.

  • How can I update my mobile number on my fab ATM? 

To effectuate the alteration of your mobile number or email address, navigate to the FAB app: Home Screen > Edit Profile > Personal Details.

  • Is NBAD the same as FAB? 

Indeed, First Gulf Bank (FGB) and National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) merged harmoniously, giving rise to the formidable First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).

  • How can I procure my FAB bank statement online? 

A bank statement can be effortlessly obtained via the FAB mobile app: Home Screen > Cards > Download E-Statement.

  • What are the charges for a FAB prepaid card? 

The cost of card issuance fluctuates, ranging from AED 15 to 25, contingent on the specific card type.

  • What is the daily withdrawal limit for the FAB debit card? 

The FAB Standard Card bears a daily withdrawal limit of AED 15,000, while the FAB Platinum Card allows for a daily withdrawal limit of AED 20,000.


The process of verifying your FAB Salary or FAB Ratibi balance online unfolds as a straightforward endeavor. This can be seamlessly accomplished through the online portal or the mobile app. By diligently adhering to the comprehensive instructions provided herein, you will be duly empowered to inspect your FAB PrePaid Card balance, thereby staying attuned to your financial standing.

Opt for the method that resonates most harmoniously with your preferences and bask in the sheer convenience and security extended by the esteemed First Abu Dhabi Bank. Additionally, registering for the FAB app perpetuates additional benefits, facilitating online balance checks and fostering an environment wherein you can effortlessly execute fund transfers and manage your bank account from any geographical vantage point. In sum, the comprehensive coverage presented here leaves no stone unturned. 

If this information has proven valuable in your quest for FAB Salary Checking enlightenment, do not hesitate to disseminate this article across your social media platforms. If any questions or uncertainties linger within you regarding this subject matter, I cordially invite you to voice your inquiries within the comments section below.

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