All You Need to Know About the Mashreq Millionaire

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By AlSheikh

Dreaming of becoming a millionaire? The Mashreq Saving Certificates can turn that dream into reality! By purchasing these certificates from Mashreq Bank, you get a shot at winning a cool AED 1M! Let’s dive into the details of Mashreq Millionaire lucky draw.

The Tempting Prizes of Mashreq Millionaire

Imagine what you could do with a million dirhams! From luxury cars to dream vacations or entrepreneurial ventures, the possibilities are endless. With each Mashreq Saving Certificate costing AED 1000, you stand a chance to win the grand prize. But that’s not all! Smaller prizes of AED 5000 and AED 1000 are drawn every month, and you can also win Salaam Points for exciting travels and shopping sprees. These non-interest bearing certificates offer an amazing opportunity for all.

Mashreq Millionaire winner

Updated Prize Structure of Mashreq Millionaire

Recently, the Mashreq Millionaire prize structure has been enhanced, giving you even greater opportunities to win big.

Monthly Prizes:

– 25 Prizes worth AED 1,000

– 3 Prizes worth AED 5,000

– 50 Prizes of 10,000 Salaam Points

Quarterly Prize:

– 1 Prize of AED 1,000,000

(Every March, August, and December)

Important Requirements

To participate in the draw, ensure your details are accurate. Winners are notified via SMS and phone call.

Eligibility and Required Documents

Good news! You don’t have to be a UAE national or resident to buy Mashreq Certificates. As long as you’re in the UAE legally, you can join the Mashreq Millionaire draw. The documents needed are:

  • Filled application form
  • Valid Emirates ID copy, passport copy, and visa page copy
  • For non-residents, a passport copy displaying UAE entry stamp (original passport required for verification)

Mashreq Millionaire Certificate Holding Rules

To be eligible for the draw, follow these guidelines:

– Buy a minimum of three certificates at every new transaction

– Hold at least 1 certificate to qualify for the draw

– Own the certificate for at least two days before the draw (otherwise, it qualifies for subsequent draws)

– One certificate makes you eligible for all prizes

– The bank reserves the right to reject any application

Purchasing the Certificates

Visit any Mashreq Bank Branch or call +971-4-424-4444 to buy the certificates. Alternatively, purchase them online through Mashreq Online. Each certificate costs AED 1,000, and owning more increases your chances of winning. Draws are conducted transparently by the Department of Economic Development.

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Easy Encashment Process

Encashment is hassle-free. Visit the branch or use the app/online platform, providing proof of identity. If done within 90 days of purchase, pre-encashment charges apply. Need short-term cash? Use the government’s overdraft facility for low-interest cash advances. Those with 20 or more certificates receive a Mashreq Bank credit card with advance cash facility.

Does Mashreq Millionaire require UAE residency?

No, legal UAE presence suffices for participation.

Can I win multiple prizes with one certificate?

Yes, one certificate makes you eligible for all prizes.

How can I contact Mashreq Millionaire representatives?

Call +971-4-424-4444 for assistance.

Become a Mashreq Millionaire and embrace the thrill of the draw! The UAE’s banking system ensures transparency and security, making dreams of wealth achievable. If you’re new to the UAE, stay tuned to ALSheikh for insightful life tips in this incredible country.

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