Sharjah Postal Code and Sharjah Zip Code: 2023 Updated Info

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A postal code plays a crucial role in ensuring the swift and accurate delivery of mail and packages. However, when it comes to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Sharjah, there is no unique postal code specific to Sharjah. Instead, the UAE utilizes the Makani system to precisely identify delivery locations. In the absence of a dedicated Sharjah postal code and zip code, individuals can simply use “00000” when required to provide such information for their packages.

To provide you with comprehensive information regarding Sharjah’s zip code, postal code, and the process of registering for a PO Box, we’ve compiled this detailed guide. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a list of post offices in Sharjah along with their respective locations.

 Understanding Sharjah Postal Code

It’s important to note that the entire UAE, including Sharjah, does not have any official postal codes. In cases where a postal code is necessary, residents of Sharjah can conveniently use the code “00000” as both a postal and zip code. However, the primary method of identifying specific addresses in the UAE is through Makani numbers. These unique numbers are assigned to each building and serve as a reliable reference for accurate delivery.

 The Concept of Sharjah Zip Code

Since there is no dedicated zip code for Sharjah, individuals should input “00000” when prompted for a zip code by a postal service. While this may differ from the postal systems in other countries, the UAE’s use of Makani numbers ensures hassle-free deliveries within the country.

 Facts about Sharjah Zip Code

Here are a few noteworthy facts about the Sharjah zip code:

1. The Sharjah zip code or postal code system is currently not in effect.

2. When sending a package or letter, you can use “N/A” or “00000” to indicate the absence of a zip or postal code.

3. The closest post office to your location can assist you with any delivery-related issues. It is advisable to contact them during their operating hours.

4. Including a phone number when sending packages to Sharjah can facilitate easier and faster delivery in the absence of a zip code.

5. If your business conducts transactions with individuals from other countries, renting a PO Box is recommended to ensure the correct delivery of their mail. You can use the PO Box number instead of a zip code.

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How to Rent a PO Box in Sharjah

If you require a Sharjah postal code alternative, renting a PO Box is the ideal solution to ensure seamless deliveries. Whether you need to receive or send packages within or outside the UAE, renting a PO Box provides you with a private address and a centralized location to manage your mail.

To rent a PO Box in Sharjah, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Emirates Post website by visiting

2. Scroll down to the “Rent a P.O. Box” option on the homepage and click it.

3. Select either “Personal P.O. Boxes” or “Corporate P.O. Boxes” based on your requirements and click “Apply.”

4. Choose the subscription package that suits your needs and click the “Apply” button.

5. Sign in to your existing account or create a new one following the on-screen instructions. If you have a valid UAE PASS, you can use it to log in without creating a new account.

6. Confirm your PO Box by selecting Sharjah as your emirate and choosing a post office near you from the provided list. Select the most convenient PO Box number, keeping in mind the rental period.

7. Appoint a trusted postal agent if desired. Provide their name, Emirates ID number, phone number, and a picture of their Emirates ID. This service is free for the first year, with an annual cost of AED 50 from the second year onwards.

8. Proceed to pay the required fees, which can be conveniently done online using your bank details. For an additional AED 30 delivery charge, the key to your PO Box can be delivered to your location. Alternatively, you can collect the key from the designated location.

 List of Post Offices in Sharjah

Here are some key post office branches in Sharjah:

1. Emirates Post Office – Central Post Office  

   Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM  

   Location: Government House Square, Al Gharb, Al Soor

   Contact: +971 600 59 9999

2. Emirates Postal Office – Old Souq Sharjah  

   Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 AM – 6:30 PM  

   Location: Corniche St, Al Shuwaihean

   Contact: +971 600 59 9999

3. Emirates Post Office – Al Wahda Post Office  

   Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 8 AM – 6:30 PM  

   Location: St 16, Al Wahda St, Sharjah 

   Contact: +971 600 59 9999

Please note that these are just a few examples, and there are additional post offices available in Sharjah.

 Uses of Sharjah Postal Code

While Sharjah does not have a postal code, it’s worth exploring the various uses of postal codes in general:

1. More Accurate Addresses: Postal codes help provide precise addresses, ensuring that mail reaches the intended recipients efficiently.

2. Easier Mail Sorting: Postal codes enable mail to be sorted into different delivery routes, resulting in faster and more efficient delivery.

3. International Shipping: Postal codes aid in identifying specific regions, simplifying international shipping processes and ensuring deliveries reach the correct destinations.

4. Data Collection: Postal codes are valuable for businesses and organizations collecting data. By including postal codes in forms and surveys, they can gather data from specific geographic areas, which is useful for marketing and market research purposes.

It’s important to remember that these benefits do not apply to Sharjah due to the absence of a dedicated postal code system. On the bright side, this means you won’t receive unwanted ads from businesses in your area.

In conclusion, while there is no Sharjah postal code or zip code, the use of “00000” or “N/A” can serve as an alternative when necessary. Makani numbers are essential for accurately identifying delivery locations within the UAE. If you found this information helpful, feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

List of Nearby Sharjah Postal Codes

Here is a comprehensive list of areas in Sharjah where “00000” is used as the postal code:

– Abu Sangara

– Al Khaldeia

– Al Qusais Industrial Area 4

– An-Nahwa

– Rollah Square

– Adh Dhayd

– Al Khan

– Al Ramaqia

– Ar Rufaysah

– Sa’d

– Al Aber

– Al Khouzamiya

– Al Ramla

– Ash Shu’ayb

– Sahanah

– Al Ardiyah

– Al Madam

– Al Ramla East

– Bu Danig

– Samnan

– Al Azrra

– Al Mahatah

– Al Ramla West

– Bu Tina

– Saruj

– Al Butina

– Al Majaz

– Al Ramtha

– Corniche Al Buhaira

– Shargan

– Al Darrare

– Al Mamzar

– Al Rifa

– Eliash

– Sharjah

– Al Dhaid

– Al Mamzer

– Al Rifah

– Etisalat

– Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF)

– Al Fallaj

– Al Manakh

– Al Riqa Suburb

– Ghunah

– Sharjah Industrial Area 1

– Al Fayha

– Al Marijah

– Al Shahab

– Hajar

– Sharjah Industrial Area 10

Uses of Sharjah Postal Code

While Sharjah does not have a dedicated postal code, postal codes in general serve various purposes:

  • – More Accurate Addresses: Postal codes enable precise addressing, ensuring mail is delivered to the correct location even in areas with confusing street names and house numbers.
  • – Easier Mail Sorting: Postal codes aid in the efficient sorting of mail into different delivery routes, speeding up the delivery process.
  • – International Shipping: Postal codes assist in identifying specific regions, making international shipping smoother by allowing ports to sort shipments by country and ensuring local delivery in the correct areas.
  • – Data Collection: Postal codes are valuable for businesses and organizations collecting data. By requiring postal codes in forms and surveys, specific geographic areas can be targeted for marketing purposes and market research.
  • However, these benefits do not apply to Sharjah since it does not have a dedicated postal code system. On the positive side, this means you won’t receive unsolicited ads from local businesses.


In conclusion, while Sharjah does not have a specific postal code or zip code, using “00000” or “N/A” can fulfill the requirement when necessary. Makani numbers serve as a reliable means of identifying precise delivery locations within the UAE. We hope this guide has provided you with the information you were seeking. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

Does Sharjah have postal codes?

No, Sharjah does not use postal codes. Instead, residents can utilize unique Makani numbers to specify precise delivery locations.

How to find postal code in Sharjah?

Finding a specific postal code in Sharjah is not possible. If required for any purpose, simply enter “00000” as a placeholder.

What is the zip code of Al Nahda Sharjah?

The zip code for Al Nahda Sharjah is 00000. Sharjah does not have individual postal codes, and this default code is used throughout the Emirate.

What is the area code for Sharjah?

The area code for Sharjah is 6. When making a phone call, remember to include the UAE country code (+971) followed by the area code and the phone number. For instance, dialing +971 6 123 4567 connects you to a number in Sharjah.

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