A Comprehensive Guide to Etisalat Balance Transfer Services in Dubai

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By AlSheikh

Whether you’re an inhabitant or a visitor exploring Dubai’s wonders, if you’re utilizing Etisalat’s unparalleled telecommunication services, the capability to seamlessly transfer your data and credit to your cherished ones is at your fingertips. This service encompasses local balance and data sharing, as well as international Etisalat balance transfers. If the prospect of harnessing Etisalat’s balance transfer services in Dubai intrigues you, delve into this comprehensive guide to uncover all the essential details.

Unlocking the Potential of Etisalat Balance Transfer

As earlier mentioned, the versatility of Etisalat’s balance transfer extends to both local and international numbers, ensuring unparalleled connectivity.

Etisalat Balance Transfer to Local Numbers: Your Ultimate Convenience

For both Etisalat’s postpaid and prepaid users, the capability to transfer credit to other local prepaid numbers beckons. The following two options stand as the gateways to this service:

1. Utilizing the My Etisalat UAE App

2. Dialling 100 for Instant Transfer

To proceed, dial 100, input the recipient’s mobile number, add an asterisk, specify the amount, and then press #. For instance, 10005XXXXXXXX*5# signifies a transfer of AED 5.

Navigating the Boundaries: Local Balance Transfer Limitations

The realm of credit transfer is governed by certain limits that distinguish the types of credit transfers and their corresponding minimum, daily maximum, and monthly maximum amounts:

Credit Transfer TypeMinimum AmountDaily Max. AmountMonthly Max. Amount
PostpaidAED 2AED 150AED 500
PrepaidAED 2AED 150AED 1,500

Cost Considerations: Unveiling the Price of Local Credit Transfer

When traversing the world of credit transfers, it’s vital to discern the financial implications. The cost associated with local credit transfers constitutes 5.25% of the transferred amount. In concrete terms, a transfer of AED 100 to a companion would entail a deduction of AED 105.25 from your account, inclusive of a 5% VAT component.

Global Connections: Etisalat Balance Transfer to International Numbers

Etisalat’s global reach extends to international balance transfers, facilitating cross-border connections for residents to bolster ties with their loved ones residing abroad.

Executing International Transfers with Etisalat: Simplified Process

To engage in international balance transfers, the following avenues pave the way:

1. Seamlessly through the My Etisalat UAE App

2. Via Text Messages to 1700

Upon sending a transfer request, the Etisalat service provider will respond with a comprehensive overview of available denominations in the recipient’s country, coupled with the corresponding charges in dirhams (AED). It’s imperative to ensure adequate balance in your Wasel/postpaid account prior to initiating the transaction.

Transparency in Cost: International Transfer Expenditure

Transferring the balance to international numbers comes sans any additional charges, ensuring an unhindered flow of global communication.

Etisalat Internet Sharing in Dubai

Beyond the realm of mobile credit, Etisalat bestows customers with the power to share their internet data with both prepaid and postpaid numbers, fostering an interconnected community.

Etisalat’s Prescribed Methods

Three distinct options lay the foundation for data balance transfers:

1. Leverage the My Etisalat UAE App

2. Embark on a Dialing Journey via #100

3. Direct Engagement via #100#

Etisalat Data Transfer Limits

The capacity for data sharing knows no bounds, where both prepaid and postpaid users can partake in the exchange. Prepaid users possess unrestricted access, while postpaid users can transfer up to 5GB per transaction, limited to five transactions monthly for data plans exceeding 1GB.

Data Validity and Tracking

The data transferred carries a validity of 10 days, ensuring timely utilization. To stay ahead of your data consumption, monitor your data usage either through the My Etisalat UAE app or by dialing 121170#.

Data Balance Prerequisites

To initiate data transfers, a minimal remaining data allowance of 100MB is requisite, securing smooth data sharing interactions.

Data Transfer Expenditure

Etisalat charges AED 3 per 100MB for data transfer. This fee is deducted from prepaid users’ account balances and added to postpaid users’ monthly bills.

Etisalat Credit Requests in Dubai

Etisalat’s user-centric approach extends to enabling prepaid users to send balance transfer requests to friends and family within the network, free of charge.

Du’s Role in Dubai

Du, another prominent service provider in Dubai, harmoniously coexists within the balance transfer realm, facilitating mobile credit transfers to local and international numbers.

Etisalat Offices in Dubai

For those seeking direct engagement, a comprehensive list of Etisalat offices in Dubai stands ready to cater to your needs.

Etisalat SIM Renewal Process

The renewal of your Etisalat SIM can be seamlessly achieved through various channels, including in-person visits, app utilization, and online submission.


In summation, the realm of Etisalat balance transfer services in Dubai is both vast and interconnected. This guide encapsulates the multifaceted aspects of the service, from local to international transfers, data sharing, and even renewal procedures. May this guide empower you to effortlessly facilitate credit and data transfers, thereby enhancing your connectivity experience in the vibrant city of Dubai.

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