How to Update Emirates ID in Etisalat in UAE?

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Dear UAE Resident, your awareness about updating your Emirates ID in Etisalat is paramount. Here’s a guide to ensure your Etisalat account aligns precisely with your current Emirates ID, shielding you from potential fraudulent activities. Etisalat, a prominent phone service provider in the Middle East, places utmost importance on customer security. This requires a registered name and valid ID details associated with your account. Neglecting this update may lead to SIM card suspension and deactivation as per the regulations of the telecom authority. Our guide simplifies the process of updating your Emirates ID in Etisalat, ensuring your identity stays in harmony for seamless communication.

What are the documents required for Emirates ID update in Etisalat?

Notably, the prerequisites for updating the Emirates ID within the Etisalat framework exhibit slight variations based on individual profiles. To effectuate the renewal or update of the Emirates ID, and thereby enable the continued usage of the Etisalat SIM card, it is imperative to furnish the requisite documentation. The documents stipulated are as follows:

  • UAE Nationals and UAE Residents: Presentation of an original, valid Emirates ID is mandatory.
  • GCC Nationals: Provision of either an original Emirates ID, original valid GCC ID, or original valid GCC passport is essential.
  • People of Determination: Individuals falling under this category must furnish either an original and valid Emirates ID or the People of Determination card.
  • Government Entities: It is incumbent upon governmental entities to provide either a government decree or an establishment card. Additionally, the presentation of the original Emirates ID and a valid passport, inclusive of the visa page pertaining to the authorized individual, is obligatory.
  • Business Entities: In the case of business entities, a valid trade license, Emirates ID, and a valid passport housing the visa page corresponding to the authorized individual must be presented.

Should you find yourself in possession of these stipulated documents, you are poised to advance to the subsequent phase of the Emirates ID update within the Etisalat realm.

How to Update Emirates ID in Etisalat Online?

The process of updating your Emirates ID within the Etisalat framework offers you a dual approach. You can opt for the convenience of online renewal and Emirates ID update or choose to pay a visit to any of the Etisalat outlets to effectuate the necessary update.Metho

My Etisalat UAE app

The renewal of your mobile registration through the Etisalat app presents a streamlined process. Here’s how you can effortlessly update your Emirates ID via the Etisalat App:

  1. Download the Etisalat UAE app onto your mobile device. Easily locate the app on either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Alternatively, you can utilize the following links: Google Play | Apple App Store.
  2. Launch the app and log in utilizing your username and password.
  3. Navigate to the “My Links” section and opt for “Renew My Line.” This selection enables you to proceed with the renewal of your registration for your Emirates ID.

By adhering to the guidance provided in the on-screen prompts, you can trust in Etisalat to seamlessly execute the necessary updates to your Emirates ID within their system.

Outlets & payment machines

Should you opt for an alternate route, the second method for updating your Emirates ID card number within the Etisalat framework entails a physical visit to an Etisalat outlet. This process entails the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have the necessary documents on hand, namely your Emirates ID and passport.
  2. Upon arrival at the outlet, a store representative will guide you to complete a form, which is then to be submitted alongside the aforementioned documents.
  3. With all documents in place, the representative will undertake a thorough review, subsequently initiating the necessary updates to your Emirates ID within the system.

For comprehensive details pertaining to the locations of the outlets and payment machines across the UAE, kindly refer to Etisalat’s official website. A quick visit to the website will guide you to the “Find Us” section, accessible through the top menu.


How can I update my Emirates ID on Etisalat App?

For a hassle-free update of your Emirates ID using the Etisalat App, adhere to the following steps:

  • Log in to the Etisalat app.
  • Navigate to the “My Links” section.
  • Opt for “Renew My Line.”

Following these steps ensures the successful renewal and update of your Emirates ID.

How can I link my Etisalat number to Emirates ID?

For the seamless linkage of your Etisalat number with your Emirates ID, the essential step entails the update of your Emirates ID within the Etisalat system. This can be achieved through two viable methods:

  • Pay a visit to a designated outlet.
  • Utilize the mobile app to effectuate the necessary update.

How can I register my mobile number with Etisalat?

For the purpose of registering your mobile number with Etisalat, two pathways await your consideration:

  • A direct visit to a designated outlet.
  • The utilization of the user-friendly My Etisalat UAE app.

It is vital to note that an Emirates ID is a requisite when undergoing this process.

Closing Remarks

Etisalat ensures a hassle-free Emirates ID update process through the provision of two accessible avenues. To maintain your Emirates ID’s accuracy within the Etisalat framework, consider either online renewal or a visit to an outlet. A few key reminders:

  • Assemble all necessary documents for the update.
  • Keep your app login credentials – username and password – at the ready.

We trust this guide has given you valuable insight into the process of updating your Emirates ID in Etisalat.

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