A Guide on How to Deactivate Du Daily Data Package?

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Du telecom provides its customers with comprehensive control over their expenditure on prepaid data plans. Users have the option to choose the AED 2 daily internet package, which grants them full-speed internet access and 60 MB of data for 24 hours. Additionally, Du offers other daily data packages at AED 3 and AED 5.25, making it more affordable for users to stay connected and meet their daily browsing needs. However, some users might find the auto-renewal of these packages bothersome.

Du has made it simple for users to activate and deactivate these packages with a straightforward process. Whether you’re subscribing for the first time or disabling it when no longer needed, Du offers an intuitive user interface that ensures easy and convenient management of daily data packages.

How to Deactivate du Daily Data Bundle?

For those who prefer using the internet without a data bundle, DU has an excellent option – Data Credit Protection. With this feature, customers can set a daily data usage limit of AED 2, ensuring they won’t be charged more than that per day, even without a bundle. This is particularly useful for those with low internet usage or who are unable to subscribe to a data bundle for any reason. To activate this convenient feature, customers need to dial the code 13511#.

How to Deactivate du Daily Data Package 2 AED?

Deactivate Du Daily Data Package at 2 AED via Dial Code

To manage your Du Daily Data Offer efficiently, simply follow these straightforward steps:

  • Dial 1356# on your phone.
  • Keep an eye out for the pop-up notification that appears on your screen.
  • Please note that the package price includes VAT at a rate of 5%.
  • When you wish to disable the offer, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

Disable the Du Daily Data Packages using the following options:

  • To turn off the 60MB package at AED 2, select 1.
  • To turn off the 100MB package at AED 30, select 2.
  • To turn off the 150MB package at AED 4, select 3.

Once you’ve chosen the right option to disable the package, follow these steps:

  • You’ll receive a pop-up notification confirming the successful deactivation.
  • Your remaining data units will continue to be valid until their expiration date.
  • If you wish to reactivate the package, you can do so at any time, except on the same day you deactivated it.

Deactivate Du Daily Data Package at 2 AED via SMS

Follow these user-friendly methods to deactivate the Du daily data package priced at 2 AED and offering 60 MB of data through SMS:

  • Method 1: Compose “STOP DATA” in the SMS box and send it to 1355.
  • Method 2: Send “CDP2” to 1012.
  • Method 3: Send “QUITDO” to 5050. 

By using any of these methods, users can conveniently deactivate the package.

Deactivate Du Daily Data Package at 2 AED via WhatsApp

Du provides customers with various convenient options to unsubscribe from bundles or packages they no longer need. One such user-friendly option is to message the Du WhatsApp number, 0582428268. By doing so, customers can easily and quickly deactivate the Du daily data bundle priced at 2 AED and offering 60 MB of data. Du’s commitment to hassle-free activation and deactivation ensures that users can effectively manage their subscriptions and avoid unnecessary charges.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

Get ready for a seamless experience with the bundle:

  1. It’s a 24-hour auto-renewal starting from your first activation – no hassle, no worries!
  2. Activate one bundle daily and make the most of your subscription – it’s your daily dose of awesomeness!
  3. Remember, any remaining minutes, SMSs, or MBs will say goodbye after 24 hours – so use them up!
  4. Stay in the loop with SMS updates on your minutes after every call – knowledge is power!
  5. Excitingly, you’ll only get an SMS after fully using your SMS and data units – making every moment count!
  6. And don’t forget, once your bundle expires, you can jump right into a new one with fresh units – the fun never ends!

Du Weekly Packages

In the UAE, Du caters to its customers with a diverse range of prepaid data packages. Among them, the Du prepaid weekly data package stands out as a top choice for users who prefer prepaid plans. This weekly package includes 20 on-net minutes for calling other Du users and 20 SMS to send messages to any local number. Additionally, customers get a data allowance of 500 MBs, perfect for basic internet usage. All of these benefits come at a reasonable price of AED 55, inclusive of tax, making it an excellent option for those looking for both data and affordability.

How to Deactivate du Daily Data Package 3 AED?

If you have activated a daily Du data package on your prepaid SIM card, you are eligible for the 100 MB add-on at AED 3 for one day. To unsubscribe, use *135#, the Du Mobile app, or WhatsApp at 0582428268. Alternatively, dial 155 to speak with a Du customer care representative who can assist you in deactivating the daily data package. Remember to check your balance regularly and consider getting a loan or recharging your line if needed.

How to Deactivate du Daily Data Package 4 AED? 

When you wish to deactivate your daily AED 4 data bundle, simply dial 1357# on your phone. By doing so, you can easily remove the bundle from your Du prepaid plan. It’s important to note that any remaining data units will continue to be valid until their respective expiration date, allowing you to fully utilize your package.

Final Thoughts

Deactivate the Du Daily Data Package priced at 2 AED with ease and flexibility! Reach out to the dedicated customer service team on WhatsApp for personalized assistance and seamless deactivation. Embrace freedom by setting your daily data limit to AED 2, providing uninterrupted internet usage without a bundle. To bid farewell to the AED 4 daily data bundle, a quick dial of 1357# is all it takes. And with Du’s wide array of weekly prepaid data packages, you’ll find the perfect match to elevate your connectivity experience!

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