How To Activate DU Sim Card 2023?

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DU, a prominent telecom giant in the UAE, has garnered a reputation for its outstanding SIM cards and comprehensive services, which cater to residents, travelers, and businesses alike. Whether you seek high-speed mobile internet or seamless international roaming, DU has got you covered. However, to access these fantastic services, the activation of your SIM card is imperative.

Maximise your DU experience! Our step-by-step activation guide is a must-read for all DU SIM card owners, whether you’re a traveller or a resident. Don’t miss out on “How To Activate Du Sim Card?”

How To Activate Du Sim Card?

Activate your DU SIM card like a pro with three powerful options:

  1. USSD Code
  2. Customer Support
  3. Online Activation

Now, let’s find your perfect path based on who you are:

  • If you’re a tourist: USSD Code or Customer Support
  • If you’re a residential user: Online Activation

Let’s look at each of these methods in detail:

How to Activate du Sim Using USSD Code 

The USSD Code is the first and most suitable method to activate your DU SIM card, especially for tourists without a DU account.

To activate your DU SIM card through the USSD Code, adhere to the precise steps provided below:

  1. Insert your DU SIM card into the designated slot on your mobile device.
  2. Dial *122# from your phone’s keypad and navigate through the language options to select your preferred language for the activation process.
activate do sim card  ussd code
  • Dial *122# – the magic code!
  • Pick your language for a personalised experience.
  • Enter your Date of Birth as per Passport. You’re all set with your activated SIM card!
  1. Kindly proceed by providing the requested information:
  • Passport Number: [Your Passport Number]
  • Country of arrival: [Your Country of Arrival]
  • Date of arrival: [Your Date of Arrival]
  1. Verify the details you entered and proceed. Provide your email address for further communication. Await DU’s confirmation message, which will be delivered via SMS.
  2. Upon thorough verification of the entered details, DU will successfully activate your SIM card, enabling you to utilise a wide array of telecom services as per your needs.

Note: To change your SIM card’s language, simply dial 135 from your phone. This method is perfect for activating your DU tourist SIM card.

How to Activate Your DU SIM Card by Contacting Customer Support

Got a DU account already? Easy peasy! Just call DU Customer Support at 0097143905555, 800, or 155 to activate your new SIM card.

To ensure a productive conversation with DU Customer Support, it is essential to have the following details prepared:

  • Full Name
  • DU Account Number
  • SIM card number
  • Passport Number
  • Nationality

Upon receipt of the provided information, DU will proceed with the activation of your SIM card. We assure you of a straightforward process.

Once your sim card is activated, consider this convenient option: instead of recharging, you can request your friend to transfer the balance directly to your sim card.

How to Activate du Sim Card Online?

For residential users, the preferred activation method for your DU SIM card is via the online platform, providing a much faster and simpler process compared to other options.

Follow These Steps for Hassle-Free Activation of Your DU SIM Card Online.

  1. Go to the DU official website’s Account Renewal page.
  2. Log in with your username/email or create an account using your DU phone number.
  3. Once logged in, enter your DU number, solve the ReCaptcha, and then proceed by clicking “Renew Now.”
  4. Provide the 4-digit pin received via SMS and click “Continue.”
  5. You’ll now be directed to the Emirate ID page; input your Emirates ID number, expiry date, and photos of both sides.
  6. Finalize the process by clicking “Confirm.” Your Du SIM card will be applied for renewal/activation, and you can expect a confirmation SMS within 24 hours (often sooner).

For those seeking to control and track their Du SIM card status, the process is straightforward. 

  1. Head over to the Du website’s ID Renewal page.
    Once there, locate the field where you should input the reference number you received via confirmation SMS. 
  2. After that, tackle the reCaptcha to verify your human presence, and finally, proceed by clicking the “check status” button. The system will process the information and display the status on the subsequent page.
  3. Upon successful activation of your DU SIM card, you gain access to all its features and services. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that these features come with certain limitations, such as less than 3 minutes of voice call and approximately 20 MB to 1 GB of data.
  4. Once you’ve successfully activated your sim card, take advantage of the convenience to check your DU Sim Balance and Data Packs effortlessly. You can do this by logging in to the same website or using the My DU app on your phone.

How to Check the Activation Status of My Du SIM?

Upon SIM activation, DU will send you a confirmation SMS indicating that it’s ready for use. In case you don’t receive this confirmation after some time, reach out to DU Customer Support at 0097143905555 or 800 to inquire about your SIM’s status.


Rest assured, the activation process for your DU SIM card is user-friendly, whether you’re an existing DU customer or a newbie. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through three different methods to activate a new SIM or renew your current one, leaving no room for confusion

We aim to provide you with a crystal-clear answer on how to activate your DU SIM card. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us – we’re here to assist you with pleasure.

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