How to Check Du Balance? 2023 Updated Guide

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Discover the best ways to check your du balance, applicable to both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

If you are a resident of UAE using the du network, it is imperative to be familiar with the various methods to inquire about your du balance. The available options include using a code, SMS, or accessing the internet. Please review our comprehensive guide to gain a thorough understanding of how to check your du balance accurately.

How to Check du Balance?

Attention, all active du mobile users! If you’re using your du mobile every day, there’s a high chance your balance might be running low. To avoid any inconvenience, we strongly recommend checking your balance regularly, especially during work or travel. But fret not; checking your du balance is a breeze! Follow these simple steps for both prepaid and postpaid sims to keep your credit in check.

How to Check du Balance Prepaid ?

Let’s dive into the numerous methods available to check du’s prepaid balance.

Check via du website

Never worry about your du prepaid balance again! Just follow these steps to check it effortlessly.

Follow these steps to check your du balance:

  • Head to du’s official login page.
  • Log in using your username (email) and password.
  • If you don’t have an account, register with your phone number.
  • Once logged in, view your du balance details, including the remaining balance.

Check via du code

Another method to check your du prepaid balance is by using a code.

Discover an easy way to check your du prepaid balance! Just follow these steps:

  • Dial *135# in your phone dialer.
  • Select the appropriate SIM if you have multiple cards.
  • Access “Account Information” by pressing 1.
  • For “Balance Inquiry,” press 1 again.
  • Witness your available balance right on your screen.

Check via du app

Experience the ultimate convenience of checking your du balance through the app! Just follow these steps:

  • Begin by downloading and installing the app from your respective phone store.
  • Click “login” and effortlessly enter your username and password. If you’re new, no worries—create an account instantly!
  • Once you’ve successfully logged in, behold your available balance!

How to Check du Prepaid Data Balance?

Take charge of your du prepaid data balance with these three efficient methods:

  • Phone Dialer: Swiftly dial *102# using the appropriate SIM, and presto! Your data balance appears on your screen.
  • SMS: No time to waste! Type “balance” and send it to 1335 for an instant SMS response with all your data balance details.
  • App: For seamless management, download the du app, log in, and access your data balance on the dashboard, along with validity—super convenient!

As part of the common prepaid offerings, the Flexi plan distinguishes itself with a validity period of 28 days.

How to Check du Postpaid Balance?

In case you are availing services from du postpaid, you also have the option to inquire about your du postpaid balance through various available methods.


One of the most convenient ways to inquire about your du postpaid balance is through SMS. Simply type “rewards” and send it to 1233. Within moments, you’ll receive an SMS detailing the remaining data in your postpaid account.
Ready for more ways to stay updated on your du postpaid balance? Let’s dive into the different methods to make it happen!

Via du website

To check your du postpaid balance, simply use the du official website. Follow these steps: Access the official login page, provide your username (email) and password, and after logging in successfully, you’ll be able to view your remaining balance.

Via the du app

The du app provides a straightforward method to check your postpaid SIM balance. Follow these steps: Download and install the official app on your smartphone. Once installed, log in using your account details, and you’ll be able to view your balance on the app’s dashboard.

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How to Check du data Balance Postpaid?

Similar methods apply for checking du data balance for prepaid and postpaid SIM cards.

To check your du postpaid data balance, you can use the following methods:

  • Send a text message with “rewards” to 1233.
  • Access the du website and log in with your account details.
  • Download and install the du official app on your smartphone and log in to view your account information, including data balance.

How to Check du Internet Services on Prepaid and Postpaid Balances?

The network extends exceptional internet services for both prepaid and postpaid balances, providing diverse call options and internet packages. To inquire about du internet services on your du SIM, kindly proceed to your phone’s dialer, enter *135#, and initiate the call. Subsequently, you will receive a comprehensive list of available internet services. Alternatively, you may access the du official app and website, where the mobile plans section showcases the various offers.

How to check du balance code?

To check your DU balance, follow these steps:

Dial the USSD code: *135#
Press the “Call” or “Dial” button on your phone.

After dialling the above code, you will receive a notification on your phone’s screen displaying your DU mobile balance, including the remaining credit or data balance. Note that the exact process may vary slightly based on your location and the specific DU service plan you are using.

How often can I check my DU prepaid balance?

You can check your DU prepaid balance as often as you like using the *135# shortcode. There are no limitations on the number of times you can check your balance.

What should I do if I am unable to check my DU balance?

If you are unable to check your DU balance using the *135# shortcode or any other method, check if you have sufficient network coverage. If the issue persists, contact DU’s customer care at 155 for assistance.

Does the balance check through 135# show the validity of my prepaid plan?

No, the *135# shortcode will only display your available prepaid balance. It does not show the validity or expiration date of your prepaid plan. To know the plan’s validity, check the DU app, visit a DU retail store, or call DU’s customer care.

Is there a charge for checking the balance using 135#?

No, there is no charge for checking your DU prepaid balance using the *135# shortcode. It’s a free service provided by DU.

I am a tourist in Dubai. Can I check my prepaid balance and how to check du balance in UAE ?

Yes, tourists with DU prepaid connections can also check their balance using the *135# shortcode or any other available methods mentioned above.

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Final thoughts

If you are seeking ways to check your du balance, we present a range of options in the guide above for both prepaid and postpaid users. Furthermore, our guide facilitates monitoring your du data balance and accessing various internet services within the du network.

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