How To Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

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By AlSheikh

Unveil the process of changing your Etisalat WiFi password in this article. Known as a reliable UAE broadband provider, Etisalat presents an array of services, from High-Speed Internet to Voice and additional value-added offerings.

Maintaining online security is paramount, even with Etisalat. It’s essential to periodically update your default wifi password. If you’re an Etisalat customer, you’re probably well-versed in this process.

Whether you’re a newcomer or someone in need of a comprehensive guide on altering your Etisalat router’s wifi password, you’re at the perfect destination. This blog post will navigate you through the process step by step.

How to Change Etisalat Wifi Password in Mobile 

The process of changing your Etisalat wifi password varies according to your connection type. If you’re using a router, keep an eye out for a distinct password setting interface. Now, let’s delve into the methods.

Method 1: Router-Based Wifi Password Change

For those utilizing a router to connect to Etisalat’s broadband service, changing your wifi password is straightforward. Follow these steps:

Here’s how to access your router settings and change the wifi password:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Use “admin” for both username and password (usually found on the router).
  3. After logging in, click “WiFi.”
  4. Scroll to “Wireless Password” in the General section and click it.
  5. Enter and confirm your new password, then tap “Change.”
  6. Successfully changed for 2.4 GHz. Repeat for 5 GHz if desired.
  7. With both network passwords altered, finalise your changes by clicking “Apply.” 
  8. Your updated wifi password is now in effect.

Method 2: By Calling 101

Can’t access router settings or forgot your credentials? Dial 101 (Etisalat customer service) for a new password.

Under the expert guidance of a customer service representative, you’ll navigate this journey. You’ll be prompted for essential details such as name, address, and contact number. Following this, you’ll either have a new password crafted for you or be instructed on how to proceed. 

When To Change Etisalat Wifi Password?

For optimal security, make a habit of changing your etisalat wifi password every month. Leaving your wifi unprotected can act as a magnet for unwanted intrusions and expose you to security threats.

As a best practice, if you notice a surge in data consumption beyond the norm, it’s suggested to initiate a wifi password update.

How to Retrieve Etisalat Router Username and Password?

For secure access to your etisalat router settings, locate the corresponding username and password – this information is typically found on the back or bottom of your router box or manual. It was initially issued to you during the router’s initial configuration.

How to Modify Etisalat Router Settings?

To initiate changes in your etisalat router configuration, open a web browser and input in the address bar. This unique link provides sole access to the router settings. Upon prompt, provide your designated username and password and execute ‘login.’ Upon successful authentication, you are granted the authority to adjust various router settings, including but not limited to the wifi password.


For enhanced network security and privacy, the act of altering your etisalat wifi password is a simplified endeavour once you’ve grasped the procedural nuances. Embrace regular revisions to uphold the highest standards of protection.

With the intent of providing you clarity, this blog post aims to equip you with the skillset to tackle the task of changing your etisalat wifi password. We have faith in your confidence.

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