How to Check Etisalat Data Balance?

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By AlSheikh

Quickly monitor your Etisalat balance and data with this guide.

For those new to Etisalat, discovering how to check your balance is made easy right here.

Within this guide, you’ll uncover various techniques to effortlessly verify your prepaid and postpaid Etisalat balances.

Discover a multitude of internet offers and services introduced by Etisalat, and promptly initiate them using our straightforward guide.

How to check Etisalat balance?

When using an Etisalat SIM card in the UAE, you’ll find a range of options to conveniently monitor and top up your mobile and data balances.

Ready to uncover how to check your Etisalat credit or balance? Dive into the world of possibilities with the My Etisalat UAE app, a simple code, or a quick call – we’ll walk you through it all!

How to check Etisalat prepaid balance?

When it comes to checking your Etisalat prepaid balance, there are two options available: 

  • customer care 
  • Mobile app

However, please note that checking your balance via the official website is not feasible.

Via customer care

Simplify your task by dialing *121# for customer care. The knowledgeable Etisalat staff will engage you with questions, allowing you to communicate your requirements effectively.

Upon communicating your intention to inquire about your prepaid balance, you will promptly receive details about the remaining amount.

Via My Etisalat app

Use the official Etisalat app to check your prepaid balance. Let’s explore the process step by step.

Step 1: Get the My Etisalat UAE app from App Store or Google Play..

Step 2: Proceed to log in with your valid Etisalat ID. Upon successful login, you’ll unlock a variety of choices, such as verifying mobile balance, data balance, account activity, and bill statements.
Step 3: Moving on, to verify your prepaid balance, simply opt for the ‘mobile balance inquiry’ feature. This will promptly display your available balance.

How to check Etisalat prepaid data balance?

Explore four effective avenues to ascertain your Etisalat data balance on your prepaid sim.

  1. One of the simplest methods involves texting the “Data” code to 1010. 
  2. Alternatively, utilize Etisalat’s official app to conveniently monitor both mobile and data balances.

Access your Etisalat app account, provide your mobile number, and choose between recharging, checking remaining balance or data. For checking data balance on your prepaid Etisalat sim, proceed with this option.

  1. To quickly gauge your Etisalat internet balance, simply dial *170#. 
  2. Alternatively, by dialing *101#, you’ll access a menu of options, one of which allows you to inquire about the remaining balance on your data packages.

How to check Etisalat postpaid balance?

Much like the process for prepaid balance, you have several options to check your Etisalat postpaid balance. Let’s explore these methods.

Using Etisalat App

For Etisalat postpaid balance checks, the initial step is registration through social media or personal information within the app. Following successful registration, you can log in to access a range of services, among which is the ability to review your remaining balance.

Enabling an Etisalat balance inquiry is straightforward – provide your mobile number, and the system will promptly display the amount of money available on your phone.

How to Check Etisalat Data Balance ViaSMS


Discover yet another avenue for checking your Etisalat balance – the Etisalat balance check code. This straightforward SMS-based method is tailored for postpaid sims.

It’s a breeze to check your balance – just type *140# and send. Wait a bit, and your remaining balance appears on your screen.

The simplest and most common method to check your Etisalat postpaid mobile balance.

Check Etisalat Postpaid Data Balance

You cannot conduct an Etisalat data balance check for postpaid on their website, by code, or by calling them. You can only check the data balance on your postpaid sim card by logging in to the My Etisalat app on your mobile phone.

After logging in to your Etisalat account, you can now see how much data you left on your Etisalat postpaid sim and how much longer your data pack will last.

How to check Etisalat internet services in postpaid and prepaid balances?

Etisalat introduces fantastic internet services and packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers, including:

  • eLife plans
  • Home Wireless
  • Full home WIFI
  • Smart living
  • Nonstop data plan
  • Freedom and New freedom plans

Certain internet services are exclusive to either postpaid or prepaid, while others can be activated on both types of sims.

The initiation of these internet services requires the dialing of 7771#. To ensure a comprehensive record of your internet usage, kindly employ 7773#. Should the need arise to terminate your internet data consumption, the code 7772# stands at your disposal.

In the norm, Etisalat internet services are priced at 2 fils/minute (AED 0.02/minute) plus 5% VAT. However, when special offers are in play, unique services make an entrance.

How to check Etisalat number without balance?

Verify your Etisalat number sans balance using the Etisalat app. For an alternative, dial 100mobile number*amount# to transfer credit to your phone. 

How to check Etisalat data balance and credit online?

Verify your Etisalat data balance and credit online through the My Etisalat app, official site, or by texting “Data” to 1010.

How can I acquire Etisalat data?

Unlock Etisalat data packs by dialing 7771#, and for a constant pulse on your data usage, turn to 7773#.

How to check Etisalat balance and data?

When the need arises to confirm your Etisalat balance and data, a range of options are at your disposal. These include the My Etisalat app, sending “data” to 1010, dialing *170#, or even the straightforward *101#.

Wrapping up

Being an Etisalat consumer, knowing how to check your balance is crucial.

Within this comprehensive guide, we’ve meticulously laid out a diverse range of methods for your convenience. These encompass navigating the official Etisalat app, initiating seamless SMS interactions, harnessing the potential of USSD codes, or tapping into the expertise of the dedicated customer care team.

Furthermore, if your curiosity extends to Etisalat’s internet offerings and services, you’re in for a treat – we’ve got that covered too.

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