How to Check Etisalat Number?

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By AlSheikh

Discover a seamless process for Check Etisalat Number along with the registered owner’s name.

We present to you a comprehensive guide to determine the registration status of your Etisalat number, retrieve forgotten numbers, ascertain ownership, and inquire about your account balance in the absence of funds.

Code to Check Etisalat Number 

Dial *101#

To retrieve your Etisalat SIM number, follow these steps:

  • Dial *101# from your phone’s dial pad.
  • Press 1 to access “Account Management.”
  • Choose 3 for “Account Information.”
  • Opt for the “Know my Number” option.
  • Enter the digit “3” and click “Send.” 

Your mobile number (971XXXXXXXXX) will then be displayed.

Dial *101*1*3*3

Effortlessly access your registered mobile number using the following code:

  • Dial *101I *1*3*3.
  • Click SEND.
  • Witness the pop-up message displaying your mobile number.

Make a missed call (with balance)

When you have account balance, a simple solution is to call a friend or colleague to retrieve your number.

Make a missed call (without balance)

In case your card lacks balance for a missed call, consider using the Etisalat Collect Call service as an alternative.

With Collect Call, reach out to any Etisalat mobile number and let the recipient’s charges be covered by you.

This service lets others call you free of charge, even when their credit falls short for a regular call.

All Etisalat postpaid and prepaid customers can use this service.

  • Open to all Etisalat postpaid and prepaid customers.
  • Customize whitelist and blacklist with *132#.
  • Blacklisted numbers automatically rejected.
  • Charges on recipient’s bill.
  • Not usable while roaming outside UAE.
  • Exclusive to Etisalat customers.

Check Etisalat Number Using Etisalat App

Forgot your number? No worries—simply log into the Etisalat app to retrieve your registered number.

Check Etisalat Sim Owner Number is your go-to for identifying UAE mobile number owners.

The registered Etisalat sim’s owner details will be revealed.

While it might not be foolproof, give it a shot—you might just strike luck.

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