How to Deactivate Botim in Etisalat?

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By AlSheikh

Ease Your Worries: Follow the Step-by-Step Guide to Deactivate Botim on Etisalat

Confused About Botim Deactivation on Etisalat? Don’t Fret; We’ve Got You Covered. Etisalat Offers Simple Steps to Update or Deactivate Your Internet Calling Plan.

UAE prefers Botim on Etisalat for global calls and texting. Cancel anytime if dissatisfied.

Got You Covered! All the Cool UAE Calling Apps – Voice, HiU, C’Mee, and Botim – Work with These Plans.

Learn to Deactivate Botim on Etisalat now.

Guide to deactivating Botim in Etisalat

  • End Charges – Deactivating Botim in Etisalat for Unsubscribing and Stopping Renewal of Your Internet Calling Plan.
  • Upon Cancelling the Plan, the Connected Botim App Ceases Functionality. Proceed to Sign Off and Remove the Botim App from Your Device.
  • Hence, Cancelling Your Internet Calling Plan Involves Following Two Distinct Methods – One for Mobile Plans and Another for eLife Plans.

Deactivate Botim for users of the mobile internet calling plan in Etisalat

  1. Unsubscribe internet plans to deactivate Botim on Etisalat: Text “CC” to 1012.
  2. Kickstart the Process: Initiate Unsubscription by Sending “CC” to 1012 from Your Message Box. You’ll Receive a Confirmation Upon Successful Cancellation.
  3. Easily terminate your internet calling subscription using the convenient “My Etisalat App.”
  4. While prepaid users can utilize the service until their subscription period concludes, postpaid users will experience an immediate termination of the service upon cancellation.

Deactivate Botim for users of eLife internet calling plans in Etisalat

For those enjoying the eLife internet plan, there are multiple ways to unsubscribe:

  • To cancel the eLife internet plan and deactivate Botim, simply dial *101#.
  • For Android and iPhone users, within the “My Etisalat UAE” app, after logging in, navigate to your current plan, scroll down, and select “unsubscribe” to cancel your active plan.


Deactivating the Botim app within Etisalat is flexible and convenient. Should you be dissatisfied with the service or wish to unsubscribe, the option is available at any moment.

Always keep in mind that the option to re-subscribe remains open if you have a change of heart. We trust this Dbd guide has illuminated the process of deactivating Botim within the Etisalat context.

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