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For those using DU SIM cards, finding the latest DU internet packages is now effortless. We’re your go-to source for the most recent DU internet plans and offers. As a prominent telecom network in the UAE, DU delivers prepaid, postpaid, and internet services throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and beyond.

Effortlessly acquire packages via online platforms or the app, catering to both prepaid and postpaid SIMs. Navigate through the comprehensive list of latest plans and offers, empowering you to pinpoint the perfect fit.

Daily Internet Packages

100MBAED 3Dial *135#1 Day
30 MBAED 3.152 Minutes LocalDial 1353#1#24 Hours
60 MBAED 2.1Dial 1356#1 Day
120MBAED 3.15Social Data OnlyDial 1355#1 Day
100MBAED 3.15Dial 1356#1 Day
200MBAED 4Social Data OnlyDial 1355#1 Day
150MBAED 3Dial 1356#1 Day
300MBAED 4Social Data OnlyDial 1355#1 Day

To activate: Visit here

DU Daily Unlimited Internet Packages

Unlimited Data on 3MbpsAED 3*222#1 Hour
Unlimited Data on 3MbpsAED 5*222#2 Hours
  1. Unlimited data for 1 to 2 hours
  2. Max 3Mbps internet
  3. Prices subject to change

Check out the DU Prepaid Emirati Package – Unlimited Social!

Unlimited SocialAED 100 RechargeDial 055786#Monthly
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter apps.

DU Internet Packages Monthly 

DU presents an assortment of monthly internet and social packages catering to its prepaid customers. The package list is available for review and selection, with certain packages encompassing complimentary local calling minutes.

25 GB + 15GB SocialAED 551.25Dial *135#1 Month
5GB + 3GB SocialAED 220.5Dial *135#1 Month
1GB + 1GB SocialAED 115.5Dial *135#1 Month
500MB + 500MB SocialAED 57.75Dial *135#1 Month
6GBAED 157.5150 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
3 GBAED 105100 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
1.5 GBAED 52.530 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
750MBAED 36.7515 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
25GB+15GB Social+25GB SocialAED 551.25Dial *135*3#1 Month
5GB+3GB Social+5GB WIFIAED 210Dial *135*3#1 Month
6GB+3GB WIFIAED 157.5150 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
1.1GB+1.1GB Social+1.5 GB WIFIAED 115.5Dial *135*3#1 Month
3GB+1.5 GB WIFIAED 105100 MinutesDial *135*3#1 Month
250MB+250 MB SocialAED 30Dial *135#1 Month
500MB+500MB SocialAED 55Dial *135#1 Month
1.1GB+1.1GB SocialAED 110Dial *135#1 Month
5GB+3GB SocialAED 210Dial *135#1 Month
25GB+15 SocialAED 525Dial *135#1 Month
155MB @192Kbps then UnlAED 50Dial *135*5#28 Days

In conjunction with these internet packages, customers will receive social internet data allocated for Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and GoChat usage.

Yearly Internet Packages

Data/MonthPriceFlexi Minutes/Month
2GBAED 318.530 Minutes
4GBAED 513.530 Minutes
6GBAED 643.530 Minutes
10GBAED 903.530 Minutes

Yearly internet packages and Add-Ons

  • 12-month contract signup
  • Text ‘Bal’ to 1355 to check balance

Navigate the convenience of widespread WIFI networks spanning the UAE’s landscape, catering to connectivity needs from every corner. DU delights new and existing customers with complimentary WIFI upon the activation of designated packages facilitated through the DU app.

What is the DU helpline number?

To avail of DU’s helpline, kindly place a call to either 155 or 800155.

How to check the internet balance on DU SIM?

To ascertain your DU internet balance, simply text Bal to 1355. An SMS response will provide the details.

How to Receive Internet Settings on Mobile Phone?

Get internet settings on your phone by sending a message: Du to 3300.

Will I have to pay in Advance for 12 months Contract Plan?

For specific 12-month contract plans, an advance fee is applicable for activation.

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