Top Reasons to Opt for a Career in RPA

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By AlSheikh

Robotic process automation, or Career in RPA, is undoubtedly a game-changing technology. It allows businesses to free their human workers from mundane tasks and shift them towards more rewarding work. How is this possible? RPA is a software technology which allows you to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

With the introduction of low-code and no-code platforms, creating the RPA bots is now hassle-free. Even an individual without coding knowledge can create an RPA bot to automate any process. One might think there is no longer a need for skilled workers in this field.

However, this is not the case, as complex processes require an experienced RPA professional. It is why many companies are offering RPA as a Service in the UAE and globally. These companies implement RPA throughout the organisation and integrate it seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.

It ensures that RPA implementation is cost-effective and there is no need for substantial upfront investments. It is what makes RPA highly appealing to organisations nowadays. Given RPA’s popularity and benefits, pursuing a career in RPA can still be rewarding.

This article discusses the top reasons to opt for a career in RPA.

RPA as a Career

1.      Fast Growing Industry

The below picture shows the size of the global RPA industry.


The RPA industry is experiencing rapid growth, as the above picture illustrates. By 2030, the market will be worth almost $13.5 billion. If you are a part of this industry as it experiences its boom, surely your career will benefit.

2.      High Salary

That’s not all. RPA promise a full wallet and enough savings to comfortably retire when the time comes. Currently, the supply of RPA professionals is significantly less than the demand. It is why organisations offer lucrative packages to attract and retain RPA workers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about making ends meet if you have the right skills.

3.      Job Security and Stability

As RPA is in high demand, job security is not a problem. Businesses are reluctant to lay off RPA professionals as they know finding another RPA resource can become a hassle. Therefore, they offer job stability and other incentives to tie down the employee for the long term.

4.      Evolving Field

RPA is still evolving, meaning you can expect new advancements regularly. With new advancements in RPA, workers specialising in RPA will always be in high demand. For example, RPA is now combining with artificial intelligence to offer hyper-automation. It will allow businesses to even automate processes which require human intellect and input.

5.      Growth

RPA is not a dead-end field. An individual specialising in RPA can easily switch to related fields. For example, RPA professionals can transition to AI or even data analysis fields with minimal effort. With low-code and no-code RPA platforms, RPA professionals can transition to higher management roles. The reason is that they will not be spending all day creating RPA bots.

6.      Continuous Learning

As RPA is an evolving field, RPA professionals must stay up to date with the latest trends. In other words, their learning cycle will never stop. With continuous learning, they will keep learning skills that make them employable for years.

7.      Increasing Market Opportunities

RPA is a popular technology in every industry. If you Google ‘RPA + industry name’, you will come across numerous applications of RPA in that industry. For example, RPA is known to speed up the pace of work in the construction industry. The widespread adoption of RPA by various sectors opens up numerous career opportunities for skilled RPA professionals.


In conclusion, the above points present compelling reasons to consider a career in RPA. Embracing this field opens up new and promising opportunities. Therefore, don’t let anyone or anything deter you from pursuing a career in RPA.

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