How to Activate Botim in Du? 2023

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By AlSheikh

Hey there, UAE residents and visitors! Have you heard of Botim in Du, the fantastic app for voice and video calls over the Internet? Guess what? It gets even better with Du! Yes, the internet provider you already love offers fantastic perks when you use Botim. Get ready for convenience and benefits galore! Wondering how to activate Botim in Du? We’ve got you covered with an easy-to-understand explanation.

How to Activate Botim in Du

To utilize Botim, activation on your Du mobile number is essential. Refer to this comprehensive step-by-step guide for a successful process:

1: Start by downloading and installing the Botim app from your designated mobile app store (compatible with iOS and Android devices).
2: Access your du application and navigate to the “Manage My Order” section.
3: Choose the esteemed “Internet Calling Packs” feature.
4: Enter the pertinent number for activation.
5: Submit the request and await confirmation, indicating the successful submission.

How to Activate Botim in Du Home Wifi 

DU Home WiFi

  • Ensure you have an active DU Home WiFi connection.
  • Visit the DU website or use the MyAccount app to access your account settings.
  • Look for “Value Added Services” or “Add-Ons” in your account settings.
  • Locate the BOTIM option and follow the prompts to activate the service.
  • You may need to subscribe to a BOTIM-specific package or have sufficient credit balance for activation.

How to Activate Botim in Du Postpaid

DU Postpaid

  • Check if your DU Postpaid plan includes BOTIM as part of its services. If not, you might need to change to a plan that supports it.
  • If BOTIM is included, you can activate it through the MyAccount app or DU website, similar to the steps mentioned above for DU Home WiFi.
  • Again, be aware that you might need to subscribe to a BOTIM-specific package if it is not part of your current plan.

How to Activate Botim Via SMS

Attention, all Botim users! If you prefer activating via SMS, we have 3 fantastic package options tailored just for you:

For Monthly Pack (Prepaid & Postpaid), kindly send the keyword “ICP” to 1012.
Are you interested in the Daily Pack (Prepaid)? It’s simple! Send “DICP” to 1012.
And for those seeking the Monthly Pack (Home), all it takes is a dial to 04 390 5555.

Get ready to explore Botim like never before!

Botim Packages in Du

Unlock the wonders of Botim, but keep in mind potential additional charges. Stay updated with the latest pricing and data packages from Du:

  • Monthly Pack (Prepaid & Postpaid): 52.5 AED
  • Daily Pack (Prepaid): 5.25 AED
  • Monthly Pack (Home): 105 AED Stay ahead of the game, as prices are subject to change. Du might surprise you with exclusive packages and promotions tied to seasons or other factors. For accurate information, contact Du or their trusted resellers now!

Final Words

In conclusion, activating Botim on your Du mobile number is a swift and straightforward process, merely taking a few minutes of your time. Once activated, you’ll have the convenience of VoIP calling at your fingertips, allowing seamless connections with friends and family locally and internationally, all without any call charges.

Don’t hesitate – give Botim a try and experience this transformative calling experience today!

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